Welcome Stardust Team

By participating in Stardust Team you can:

  • Conduct research for NASA using only your web browser.
  • Gain an extracurricular activity for your college application.
  • Meet new people and have fun.
  • Learn more about scientific research and space exploration.


    On January 15, 2006 the stardust spacecraft returned its capsule parachute to earth. The mission of this project was to collect tiny particles of interstellar dust from the comet Wild 2. These dust particles were collected inside an aerogel array. Scientists are eager to examine and study stardust particles. However due to their minuscule size, finding these particles will be very difficult and arduous. Scientists created Stardust@Home with the purpose of receiveing help from talented volunteers willing to contribute to the search for Stardust particles.

    What is Stardust?

    This is a volunteer program created to help scientists find particles tracks made by interstellar dust. This educational project led by NASA encourages people to participate via web using a virtual microscope. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze and search particle tracks by viewing scanned images taken by an automated scanning microscope. This project is designed to find stardust particles that afterward will be studied and analyzed

    How to participate?

    Participating students will go through a web-based training session. After passing a test to qualify to register students will be able to access a virtual microscope (VM) via web. The team will meet occasionally during lunch or after school.

    To become part of our team:

  • Come to C14 during lunch and see Mr. Breslyn to sign up.
  • Listen for daily announcements about meetings.
  • Print and have signed the permission form.